Selling Skills – Please Do Not Wee All Over Your Sales Presentation

You should know that the importance of using the right words in selling is massively important. In fact if you use the right words you can expect to see a big increase in your sales results. If you are wondering what this has to with the title of this article I suggest you read on.

In fact I am hoping that the smart ones amongst you have already picked up on exactly the point I am going to make to you today. It is such a simple principle that if you begin to use it in your sales presentations, your sales copy, in fact as part of anyone of your selling techniques then you should expect to earn a lot more money very soon.

I can tell the suspense is killing some of you and you are wondering exactly what am I talking about. Well let me explain in detail this wonderfully easy to apply sales secret so you can begin to use it today.

Here it is:

Most people when communicating about their business or service use the word ‘we’ a lot. They say “we do this, we offer that” constantly talking about themselves. You will see them doing this on their websites, brochures and also in their face to face meetings.

The problem with this is that most people are only interested in themselves. Now they may ask you to tell them about your business, service or product. But what they really want you tell them is how your business, service or product will be of benefit to them.

Hence my colleagues and I have coined the phrase ‘do not wee all over your sales presentations’. This basically involves swapping the word ‘we’ for ‘you’. So instead of saying “we make really low cost products” you could say “you will be able to save a huge amount of money with our low cost product range”.

Using the word ‘you’ more will engage your clients and will cause you to focus on the benefits you offer your customers. The end result will be that you will enjoy more sales.

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