Presenting Your Product or Opportunity In Network Marketing

In your network marketing business, after you have invited your prospects to watch a live presentation or an online video, the next step is to actually show them the presentation.

If they are reviewing a tool(DVD, online video) by themselves, just follow up when you said you would. If you don’t, don’t expect them to trust and follow you as a leader! Leaders do what they say they will do!

If you are thinking of doing the presentation one to one by yourself, you might want to do otherwise. Here’s why.

When I first got started in my network marketing business, I read every book I could, listened to everything I could, and attended all the training events as much as I can. I thought that the best way to grow my business was to become an expert on all the facts so if anyone asked me any questions, I was able to come up with the answers. Then I gradually realized it created a few problems.

The first problem was that no matter how much I learned, my prospects would still hit me with questions that stumped me. And since I was the one doing the presentation and acting as the expert, if I got stumped, that might make my prospects question the product or opportunity.

The second problem was, many of my prospects knew that I wasn’t an expert. So when I presented myself as an expert by doing the presentation, they knew it wasn’t true and would made them question everything more.

The third problem was, even if I was really knowledgeable and successful, my team members in my organization might not have the same desire to learn and become an expert. And this will not create success in the business. Without easy duplication, network marketing is just a job.

I then came across about this quote:

In Network Marketing, it doesn’t matter what works. It only matters what duplicates.

That should a guiding principle for every network marketer.

I studied the successful network marketers in my company and learned that the pros use tools instead of trying to be the expert. The pros use live events instead of their own presentation. The pros use other distributors to present the information instead of giving it themselves. The pros simply act as messengers and invite people to learn more about the product or opportunity and let the third-party resource provide the information.

Having said that, it will come to a point in time where you might need to present, especially for your team members’ prospects. So it’s important to learn how to present effectively for your personal recruiting work, and also how to present to groups of people.

There is a saying, “The person with the marker makes the money.” – it makes sense. The person speaking on in front of the room and presenting usually has a higher income.

Your Story/Why

Learn to tell your story because while people might not be interested in how much you know, they are interested in your story, as long it is not too boring. As the saying goes, ‘Facts Tell, Stories Sell’. No matter what your background and experience are, you can learn to tell a compelling story. Every good story consists of four parts:

  1. Your background/situation
  2. What you didn’t like about your background/situation
  3. Why did you decide to get started in your company
  4. Your results or how you feel about your future

Start practicing and telling your story more. The more compelling and better you get at telling your story, the more results you will see in your business.

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