Network Marketing Tip: How To Start Your Busines Presentation

Have you ever heard the saying “it’s not how you start off that matters, it’s how you finish”?

Longevity and “staying around long enough to succeed” are quite often talked about in the multilevel marketing community and there’s no doubt that remaining persistent while you learn any given task is vital.

Nevertheless, when it comes to delivering your business opportunity, you won’t be able to beat a solid start and having the capability to correctly build rapport and set the presentation up is a critical skill for results. There’s zero worth in the ability to close strong if you lose the person you’re talking to prior to even commencing, right?

1. Expect a result because your expectations matter most: You aren’t paid to present your opportunity, you’re paid to build a distributor base and a customer base. Expect to leave every business presentation with either, or both.

2. Build rapport: Where feasible, let the prospect lead into your business presentation. Continue developing rapport and being genuinely interested by tuning in well until eventually they ask you to begin explaining what you have to offer.

3. Discover what they’re looking for (reason why): Be upfront and honest. This will certainly develop trust. Give them an “out option” to lower their walls and allow them to look at information with the purpose of assessing whether they like it, rather than feeling as if you are going to persuade them at all costs. This also relaxes you, and helps detach your feelings from the outcome. Eg:

“I have a passion for assisting people get what they want. So that I can determine whether or not what I have got is going to be of benefit to you, tell me, what is it you want?”

“Excellent. So, the goal of today is for me to explain to you what we’re doing. If you like it, then I will show you how to get started. If not, well then at least you maintained an open frame of mind”.

4. Tie it all into their ‘reasons why’ and set the expectation prior to starting presenting: “So, if I can show you a way to get (their reason why), when would you like to get started?”

If you can master, or at the very minimum develop into better than average at effectively setting up your business presentation, you’re nicely on your way to results.

Hopefully the above information can help you moving toward better network marketing business presentations.

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