How To Get the Christmas Presents That You Want

If you want high self-esteem you need to take control of your life. This includes making sure that you get the Christmas presents that you want.

Unless your communication with Santa is extraordinarily good you are most likely the ONLY person in your life who knows EXACTLY what you want for Christmas. Nobody can read you mind. You might get disappointed when Santa comes if you don’t get Christmas presents that you like. Even though your family and friends have done their best to try to make you happy, you may feel like they don’t care enough about you or know you well enough if you get presents that you don’t like. Not good for your self-esteem!

To make sure that your wish list matches what is in your stocking on Christmas Day, follow these pieces of self-esteem Christmas advice:

1. Tell your family and friends openly and clearly what you want. Don’t expect them to figure it out by themselves. You could for example write a wish list put it on the fridge in clear view of all your family members. When you communicate openly and clearly what you want to your family and friends you also tell yourself that you deserve getting what you want. You have been a good person this year and you are worthy of getting something that you like. You family and friends want to make you happy because they like you. Make it easy for them by telling them what you want!

2. Buy yourself a Christmas present. If there is something that you really want and you doubt that anyone is going to give it to you, you could simply buy it yourself. You are responsible for your own happiness. Take responsibility for your happiness this Christmas!

Liv Miyagawa -The Self-Esteem Coach

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