5 Ways to Put PowerPoint Presentation on Web

Want to share your original and creative presentations with others all over the world? Putting PowerPoint presentation on Web sounds a good idea. Especially in this era of Internet on which everyone can view various resources using their computers.

Here are 5 different ways to put PowerPoint presentation on Web. Each way has its cons and pros.

Method 1 Upload and link PowerPoint File directly

Yes, you could just upload PowerPoint file to your web site and link to it. Visitors click and download the file to view the presentation on their computers.


Visitors should download the presentation before viewing.
Visitors should install PowerPoint app or PowerPoint viewer to view it.
The presentation file may have a big file size.


Just upload your presentation to your Website and link to it.

Share your presentation with all the animations and special effects.

Method 2 Share presentation on Slideshare.net

Slideshare.net is a famous presentation sharing website. Think of it as something like YouTube for slide shows. You can upload your presentations in PPT, PPS or POT formats to SlideShare and they’re converted into shared media.


All the animations, multimedia files in the presentation will disappear.


The presentation can be viewed on any computers.

Method 3 Publish as HTML web page

PowerPoint lets you save your presentation as HTML, as a web page (Office button -> Save As -> Other Formats, and then choose Web Page in the “Save as type” pull-down menu).


Each slide is saved as a separate image, with its own page, so you have to upload an entire folder of files to your server.
It will not display properly for website visitors who aren’t using IE.

Free open source software may be a stronger choice in this instance. OpenOffice Impress, the PowerPoint look-alike from OpenOffice.org, lets you create a PPT presentation from scratch, and it will also convert an existing PowerPoint presentation to HTML in a form that’s compatible with a broader range of browsers.

Method 4 Flash it using Wondershare PPT2Flash

Actually, OpenOffice even offers to export your presentation as a Flash (SWF) format, but animations will disappear.

Wondershare PPT2Flash (http://www.sameshow.com/powerpoint-to-flash.html#110), an add-in of PowerPoint, lets you convert PowerPoint presentation to Flash with one-click.

3 steps to convert your presentation to Flash:
Download and install PPT2Flash -> Import PowerPoint presentation -> Click “Publish” to convert.


Has up to 90% reduction in file size after conversion.
Flash can be shown properly on any computers.
The conversion retains all the animations, hyperlinks, multimedia file in your presentation.
Flash is difficult to modify.

Method 5 Record it using Camtasia Studio

Download and install Comtasia on your computer and then follow the steps below.
Step 1, save your PPT file as PPS file.
Step 2, Set Camtasia studio to record the whole screen.
Step 3, Play your PowerPoint PPS file and Press F9 to start recording the screen.
Step 4, when you reach your last blank slide, Press F10 to tell Camtasia Recorder to stop recording. You will be prompted to save the captured slideshow, so choose a directory and enter filename.
Step 5, save your capture in SWF format.


It will a little time-consuming if there are many slides in your presentation.
Best way to publish your presentation on Web

If you want to make animated and protected presentation on Web in minutes, converting PowerPoint to Flash using Wondershare PPT2Flash sounds downright elegant!

Showing a Flash movie on web is most often as easy as uploading your SWF file to your web space and using a few lines of object/embed code (http://www.w3schools.com/flash/flash_inhtml.asp) to embed the file on your page.

Camtasia can record the screen and sound when your play your PowerPoint, but should pay $299 to buy which is higher than PPT2Flash ($59.95). For Mac users, you can upload your presentation to slideshare.net. If you only want to create static presentation on web, using OpenOffice to export your presentation to HTML or Flash would be better.

I hope you can use these 5 methods to share your presentation on web easily. Of course, if you have any other good methods, please let me know. Thanks!

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