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Present Her a Fabulous Engagement Ring to Express Your Ultimate Love

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Except the wedding day, the most unforgettable and important moment in all women’s life is the moment when they are proposed with a fabulous engagement ring. There is no other ways better than presenting a gorgeous ring to make your commitment and impress her. No women will say no to the proposal when she sees the dazzling ring in the ring case.

Without doubt, whether you can get the right engagement ring is extremely vital to the success of the proposal. There are many different types of engagement rings for you to choose from. But only the one that fits for your beloved woman’s style and personality is exactly what you should select.

Platinum engagement rings- Since platinum is a kind of very precious metal, rings made of platinum is rather expensive but also very popular because of the value. When you buy a platinum ring studded with glittering diamond to your beloved woman, she probably can’t say any words to express her happiness but tears on her face. Though love can’t be weighed by money, the value carried by the platinum ring can actually represent one’s endless love and lifelong commitment.

White gold engagement rings-White gold rings are very popular nowadays. Compared with the traditional gold, they are tougher and more durable. If you know that the white gold rings can go well with all kinds of ensembles, then you will understand why they are so popular. Women wearing such kind of gold rings will surely look extremely gorgeous and elegant. There are also many different designs and styles of white gold rings that can be found in the market. However, among so many styles, round cut is the most exquisite and expensive style.

Diamond engagement rings-Without doubt, every woman is crazy about diamond rings. In fact, most people prefer to choose diamond ring as the engagement ring because diamond is seen as a romantic symbol of love and commitment. There is a wide price range of diamond rings according to the different level of the color, cut, carat and clarity. When you are going to buy a diamond ring, you should first prepare yourself with the necessary knowledge of how to choose a good quality diamond.

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Presents Need Wrapping in More Than Pretty Paper to Ensure They Get Through the Christmas Crush

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It might not be very festive or cheery, but when the need arises to send a Christmas gift parcel by a worldwide delivery service, it pays to ensure that it is dressed appropriately for its trip. And that is almost certain to mean eschewing the fancy gift wrap for a far more practical solution.

It’s quite logical really. If we are embarking on a journey to a far-flung destination, we would always try to dress for the weather we can expect when we arrive, and the type of journey we are embarking on. There’s no point boarding a plane in your best suit or dress, because it’s quite obvious that, on arrival at your destination, that outfit will be looking decidedly the worse for wear – quite literally.

With the availability of increasingly strong yet lightweight packaging materials, anyone who needs to send a worldwide parcel – especially if it is a present which is likely to be particularly treasured – should invest the comparatively small extra amount which is required to ensure that it is wrapped and secured properly.

That rule applies to both the inside and the outside of the container in which the item is travelling, so for example, bubble wrap, polystyrene chips and screwed-up paper should be used to protect the inside of a box, as well as a liberal amount of strong wrapping tape to both ensure that the box stays sealed, and to enhance its protection from the weather.

It is also possible to clearly mark a package so that anyone handling it knows that it is fragile, without giving away any information about the actual contents. A politely-worded message on the outer wrapping of a package will alert sorting office staff to the fact that it should be treated with some respect.

Senders should not be worried that a warning of this type will go unnoticed. Adding a plain and clear request to the outside of the box – without, obviously, obscuring other important information which also needs to be displayed on it, especially the recipient’s name and full address – actually helps sorting staff to pinpoint delicate and fragile items, so that they can ensure that they handle them in the appropriate way.

A parcel which arrives at its destination damaged, and the contents wrecked, does no favours for the delivery company involved. It could mean it having to pay compensation to the sender and, much worse, lead to it losing business in the future. So strong packaging, and a clear message to anyone handling it that the contents are fragile, will ensure that no one’s Christmas is spoiled by a bashed-up box.

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Mobile Classrooms Present A Viable Alternative

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The problem is a real one. The number of school enrollments is going up steadily and since this is expected to keep going up, there is an urgent need to ensure that adequate infrastructural facilities by way of enough schools and classrooms are made available to cater to this growth. While online education has been popular and many are using this route as well, there is no denying the fact that parents want their children to experience the rigours of proper school education and are doing everything to ensure that they enroll on time. Despite the fact that this increase in enrollments were forecast to some extent in the decades gone by and they came up with the concept of mobile classrooms, the frequent migration and movement of families has made it difficult to make available such structures in a uniform manner everywhere and that is presenting a great challenge to the authorities. So though the number of such temporary structures has been going up steadily, the shortfall is still a big one and needs immediate redress.

There is no doubt that mobile classrooms save the concerned schools both money as well as time. All such structures are prefabricated at a place according to the designs specified and then delivered at the place where they are required in a very short time. As compared to permanent structures where the wait is a long one, this suits the needs of the schools and it is therefore not surprising that many schools are opting for this alternative.

You must not forget that many schools do not have deep pockets to actually go through the process of designing and building permanent structures. The finance required for modular or temporary structures is far more affordable. They are also able to get finance from lenders at a reasonable rate of interest or get favourable lease arrangements due to certain concessions given by the government to promote the cause of education.

The other advantage of having these mobile classrooms or trailers is that schools can resell them and recover a great portion of the cost, if they feel that they no longer need them and can arrange for something permanent. They would only have to bear the cost of some depreciation that can be worked out and normally that is not a high one if the structure has been maintained reasonably well enough.

Usually though, these temporary structures become permanent over some time and that is where the cost of maintaining them comes into play. This too has to be considered by the school and many schools have had to replace the trailers after a decade of use. At that time, there is not much value to be gained from the reselling of these structures but the fact that they have served the school for such a long time and helped them save on costs should be enough incentive for many schools to consider this option.

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Graphical Presentation Of Tabular Data – Scatter Or Line Graphs (Part 4 of 5)

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This is the fourth in a series of five articles aimed at showing the benefits of presenting tabular data in a graphical format; this considers the use of scatter and line graphs. The article looks at when they should be used, how they are constructed and the benefits that they can provide.

Scatter Graphs

This type of graphical representation of data is mostly used where there is a larger quantity of sample data than that used in previous examples used in this series of articles. However, in order to demonstrate the principles of this chart and assist the reader, the same set of data will be used.

To produce a scatter graph the surveyor could determine the birth date of each of the children surveyed. If they are all in the same class or of the same age, the range of birthdays should be spread over a twelve month period.

In producing the scatter graph the day and month of the child’s birthday should be plotted along the horizontal or ‘x axis’, whilst the height of the child would be plotted along the vertical or ‘y axis’. If the child is a boy the point plotted could be in red and the girls’ could be in yellow. A series of dots will be plotted for each of the 25 children’s heights and from the scatter of the points it should be possible to determine the height of the tallest and shortest child; where their birth date fell within the year being surveyed; whereabouts within the year most children were born; and the different outcomes for the boys and girls. Clearly, if a larger survey sample was taken, then more definite and varied conclusions could be drawn about the spread of the results and how height varied across the age ranges.

Line Graphs

This type of graph could use survey data created by averaging the height of a sample of males aged between 6 and 14 years, with preferably the same number of males in each age group.

A typical sample could produce the following results:

Age (years) / Average Height (metres)
6 / 1.18
7 / 1.23
8 / 1.275
9 / 1.33
10 / 1.39
11 / 1.44
12 / 1.485
13 / 1.55
14 / 1.63

This data is best represented using a line graph with the age represented on the horizontal axis and the average height on the vertical axis. A series of points are plotted on a graph for each of the average heights at the appropriate ages. The individual points on the graph are then joined up to their adjacent points only with straight lines, to produce a single line. It is however, sometimes preferable to join points up with the best fitting curved line. Whilst it is appreciated that this data could be represented by a vertical bar chart, a line graph would be more appropriate as the single line shows the rate at which the increase in height was either increasing or decreasing with age, as shown by the gradient of the line between two adjacent age points. From the graph plotted, the rate of growth between 6 and 11 is fairly constant at between 4.5mm to 6mm per year. However, after 12 years old male growth accelerates to about 7.5mm per year. These variations in growth rates are clearly shown on the line graph. One could carry out the same survey for the heights of girls of the same ages, which could be plotted on the same graph as the boys but with a different coloured line to differentiate which results relate to the two survey groups. You would then be able to compare the girls’ growth rates with those of the boys of the same age ranges.

The fifth and final article in this series looks at the use of pie and doughnut charts; when best to use them and how they are constructed.

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There’s No Earthly Reason Why You Shouldn’t Gain Confidence In Presentation

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Yikes! How many do you say are going to be there? Fifty? Fifty? A full staff meeting, and we’re supposed to each give out ideas for company improvement? Are they mad? No, old chap, but you’ll drive yourself in that direction if you don’t calm down.

No, I don’t think even God can protect you from this one. Now, the first thing to do is to make sure you arrive early. Everyone’s going to be sitting around or standing, drinking coffee. Spread as much disinformation as possible. “Yes,” you can say. “I’ve been looking forward to this meeting. I think it’ll prove very valuable.” This shows a certain confidence, without actually saying that you’re looking forward to speaking.

You can be pretty certain that at least 50% of those present are scared enough themselves, without having to put up with someone who’s actually confident! Now, presumably this hasn’t simply been sprung on you. Hopefully, you have at least a couple of days to prepare and this is what you should definitely do.

If your knees knock and your eyes spin around in their sockets at the very thought of having to say something at the meeting, then rehearse – hard. Do the old trick of resting in your chair at home and imagine yourself at the meeting. There they all are, all your colleagues sitting around the table, and you may be sure that they’re in various states of terror, confidence, ignorance and excitement. You certainly won’t be the only one terrified.

But face the terror. There really isn’t much point in saying to yourself; “Oh yes, I’m really looking forward to this meeting and being able to speak in front of all these other people.” You know perfectly well, whatever else you may say to yourself, that you’re scared witless. But this state doesn’t have to continue. To begin with, prepare. What are you going to say? For that matter, why’s the meeting been called in the first place?

This is the first answer to be asked and answered fully and completely. Now you know why the meeting’s been called, then you should be able to come up with something halfway sensible to say. Okay. There they all are, you imagine. Now. Speak. You’ve been called upon to give your august opinion on a certain topic. Because you know why the meeting’s been called, you must have some idea of what you’re going to say.

Rehearse a variety of topics. Let’s face it, you have a brain that’s as good as anyone else’s in the room.

Posture. Don’t hunch over the table, hands locked together, blood showing beneath your nails. On the other hand, don’t be too relaxed. Don’t lean your chair back as you warm to your subject, becoming so blase that you overbalance. Just a nice, relaxed pose.

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