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Get a Firm Thumbs Up in Any Customer Audit After Presentation Skill Coaching

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You will immediately find a significant rise in your sales after your sales staff successfully undergo presentation training, with even those sales agents who were earlier unable to bring in any business forging new deals in the same way as some of your highest earning sales team. You will equally achieve excellent outcomes with your customer audit if completed at this time alongside the presentation coaching.

The principal reason for you to provide presentation skill training for your sales team is that it will enable them to have a good understanding of what they need to mention when discussing your products or services when they are dealing with the clients ahead of sealing a sale. Your staff will learn about ways to present a product to customers, inform them about its qualities and convince them that this is the best one to have as compared to the alternatives supplied by your competitors.

With presentation skill training, your sales team will also notice that the method they previously used to make sales (before they had this training) was not adequate and this resulted in no sales happening through them. This realization on the part of your employees is massively significant they will learn skills with a new feeling of commitment to have positive impact by generating more business for the organisation.

Your sales people will also grasp significant techniques on different ways to interact with the customers by telephone. They will be offered training in effective ways to deal with the clients, explain them about the products you have and fix meetings with them. Without presentation skill training, your employees might well do a bad job in dealing with your most important customers by not providing good replies to their queries or merely stating that they will get back to them with more information later. All of this can even lead to your old customers moving to competing companies for doing business and doing so will certainly mean a huge loss for your business.

With the massive rise in the sales following successful presentation coaching for your team and customer audit, your organisation can start making more profits than before the presentation training and this will be fully visible in your accounts! So if you think about it very carefully the investment in all this training can be checked out over time. The bottom line of your business should definitely improve.

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5 Ways to Put PowerPoint Presentation on Web

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Want to share your original and creative presentations with others all over the world? Putting PowerPoint presentation on Web sounds a good idea. Especially in this era of Internet on which everyone can view various resources using their computers.

Here are 5 different ways to put PowerPoint presentation on Web. Each way has its cons and pros.

Method 1 Upload and link PowerPoint File directly

Yes, you could just upload PowerPoint file to your web site and link to it. Visitors click and download the file to view the presentation on their computers.


Visitors should download the presentation before viewing.
Visitors should install PowerPoint app or PowerPoint viewer to view it.
The presentation file may have a big file size.


Just upload your presentation to your Website and link to it.

Share your presentation with all the animations and special effects.

Method 2 Share presentation on is a famous presentation sharing website. Think of it as something like YouTube for slide shows. You can upload your presentations in PPT, PPS or POT formats to SlideShare and they’re converted into shared media.


All the animations, multimedia files in the presentation will disappear.


The presentation can be viewed on any computers.

Method 3 Publish as HTML web page

PowerPoint lets you save your presentation as HTML, as a web page (Office button -> Save As -> Other Formats, and then choose Web Page in the “Save as type” pull-down menu).


Each slide is saved as a separate image, with its own page, so you have to upload an entire folder of files to your server.
It will not display properly for website visitors who aren’t using IE.

Free open source software may be a stronger choice in this instance. OpenOffice Impress, the PowerPoint look-alike from, lets you create a PPT presentation from scratch, and it will also convert an existing PowerPoint presentation to HTML in a form that’s compatible with a broader range of browsers.

Method 4 Flash it using Wondershare PPT2Flash

Actually, OpenOffice even offers to export your presentation as a Flash (SWF) format, but animations will disappear.

Wondershare PPT2Flash (, an add-in of PowerPoint, lets you convert PowerPoint presentation to Flash with one-click.

3 steps to convert your presentation to Flash:
Download and install PPT2Flash -> Import PowerPoint presentation -> Click “Publish” to convert.


Has up to 90% reduction in file size after conversion.
Flash can be shown properly on any computers.
The conversion retains all the animations, hyperlinks, multimedia file in your presentation.
Flash is difficult to modify.

Method 5 Record it using Camtasia Studio

Download and install Comtasia on your computer and then follow the steps below.
Step 1, save your PPT file as PPS file.
Step 2, Set Camtasia studio to record the whole screen.
Step 3, Play your PowerPoint PPS file and Press F9 to start recording the screen.
Step 4, when you reach your last blank slide, Press F10 to tell Camtasia Recorder to stop recording. You will be prompted to save the captured slideshow, so choose a directory and enter filename.
Step 5, save your capture in SWF format.


It will a little time-consuming if there are many slides in your presentation.
Best way to publish your presentation on Web

If you want to make animated and protected presentation on Web in minutes, converting PowerPoint to Flash using Wondershare PPT2Flash sounds downright elegant!

Showing a Flash movie on web is most often as easy as uploading your SWF file to your web space and using a few lines of object/embed code ( to embed the file on your page.

Camtasia can record the screen and sound when your play your PowerPoint, but should pay $299 to buy which is higher than PPT2Flash ($59.95). For Mac users, you can upload your presentation to If you only want to create static presentation on web, using OpenOffice to export your presentation to HTML or Flash would be better.

I hope you can use these 5 methods to share your presentation on web easily. Of course, if you have any other good methods, please let me know. Thanks!

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Better Presentation Skills – Are You Making This Speaking Mistake?

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On some level, speaking is easy. You get in front of a group and start talking. However, being a great speaker requires some information, practice, and work. Speaking is a skill like any other. It can be taught, it can be learned, and it can be improved.

In my experience, one of the biggest mistakes speakers make is to focus exclusively on their content.

Content is important. Let’s get that out right up front. Content matters, and in most cases, it matters more than delivery. You can have the greatest speaking skills in the world, but if you are not delivering good, valuable content to your audience, then you will get nowhere.

However, this is not to say that you can ignore your delivery skills. The best content in the world will fall on deaf ears if you can’t deliver it well.

Unfortunately, when most people prepare speeches they focus 99% of their time on their content. They give very little, if any consideration to how they will deliver that content. This is a huge mistake.

Make sure your content is great, but spend some time thinking about how you will deliver that content. Work on your tone, movement, and connection with your audience. If you happen to be in an environment where you can’t get up and practice out loud (if you are on a plane on the way to a presentation, for example) then run through your presentation in your head, but pay particular attention to the deliver.

A little bit of prep on this area can make sure your great content is actually listened to by your audience, which is the whole reason you are speaking in the first place.

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Selling Skills – Please Do Not Wee All Over Your Sales Presentation

Jun 11 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

You should know that the importance of using the right words in selling is massively important. In fact if you use the right words you can expect to see a big increase in your sales results. If you are wondering what this has to with the title of this article I suggest you read on.

In fact I am hoping that the smart ones amongst you have already picked up on exactly the point I am going to make to you today. It is such a simple principle that if you begin to use it in your sales presentations, your sales copy, in fact as part of anyone of your selling techniques then you should expect to earn a lot more money very soon.

I can tell the suspense is killing some of you and you are wondering exactly what am I talking about. Well let me explain in detail this wonderfully easy to apply sales secret so you can begin to use it today.

Here it is:

Most people when communicating about their business or service use the word ‘we’ a lot. They say “we do this, we offer that” constantly talking about themselves. You will see them doing this on their websites, brochures and also in their face to face meetings.

The problem with this is that most people are only interested in themselves. Now they may ask you to tell them about your business, service or product. But what they really want you tell them is how your business, service or product will be of benefit to them.

Hence my colleagues and I have coined the phrase ‘do not wee all over your sales presentations’. This basically involves swapping the word ‘we’ for ‘you’. So instead of saying “we make really low cost products” you could say “you will be able to save a huge amount of money with our low cost product range”.

Using the word ‘you’ more will engage your clients and will cause you to focus on the benefits you offer your customers. The end result will be that you will enjoy more sales.

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Portfolio Basics for Web Design Students: Presenting Your Portfolio

Jun 10 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

You’ve landed yourself an interview. Congrats – that’s half the battle. Obviously the employer saw something in your portfolio that he/she liked and wanted to talk to you in person. Before you head off to your interview, there are a few things you should practice before your big day.

You’re going to want to make sure you do a good job at promoting your portfolio and the pieces in it. Employers will ask you to describe each piece you worked on, so be prepared for that. Your portfolio should be well-assembled and ready to go the day of your interview. This not only makes your portfolio look well-organized, it can give you a platform to build your presentation around.

Talking about yourself and your work is not something that comes easy to many designers. Look at each interview as a chance to improve your presentation skills and become more confident in your work. This not only works in interviews, but it can translate into making you feel more comfortable in presenting designs to actual clients and colleagues down the road.

Do Your Research

It’s important that you do your research beforehand. Companies always like to see that you’ve taken the time to do a background check on the type of work they produce and the kind of company they are. Check out their website, the clients they work with and the kind of design work they produce. You can usually get a good idea of the type of “culture” the design company encompasses.

Make It Engaging

Even if you don’t have a heroic story to tell, genuinely be enthusiastic. Your enthusiasm, energy and overall demeanour can ultimately persuade employers whether they hire you or not. They are not only buying into your work, they are buying into you as a person. The ability to express yourself and communicate with your employer is also being put on display. You need to be able to sell yourself to your possible employer about how your talents will directly benefit their company.

Dealing with Interviews

Interviews can be nerve-racking and are usually dreaded by most students. The reason many students (including myself) feel so nervous when going into interviews is because the spotlight is on you and your work. Since you’re doing most of the talking in an interview, it can be exhausting to talk about yourself for that long. Try to create a distinction between yourself and your work. Focusing the conversation on your work can make you feel more comfortable because it takes the focus off you, even if just for a little while.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself to make sure the focus stays on your work:

How relevant is this portfolio piece to my prospective employer’s needs? (This changes from company to company)
How did this piece solve a problem? Are there any tangible results from the work you did?
Do I have any interesting stories to tell about this project that are memorable?

Follow Up

Once you’ve completed your interview, it’s always common courtesy to follow up with your interviewee. Leaving something physical behind such as a business card or a resume, will help your possible employer remember you. It’s also smart to send a follow up thank-you note, showing appreciation for them taking time out of their day to meet with you. Remind them gently about the benefits they would receive if they hired you.

If you didn’t get the job, don’t worry. There are plenty more opportunities out there, but use the interview as a learning experience. If you feel confident enough, ask your interviewee for feedback on your portfolio presentation. This critique is useful for students who are fresh out of school because even though you think you did a great job, there are usually always aspects of your portfolio you can improve on. If you continue to practice your presentation skills in interviews, you will gradually begin to improve over time until, eventually, these types of situations will become second-nature.

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Presentation Folders Can Make Heads Turn

Jun 08 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

In the official and business circles, presentation folders have a great importance. Their utility has made them a product worth praising. There are many uses for these items. Being folders, their main task is to handle documents in the most efficient manner. They are also used for marketing and advertisement purposes. Moreover, in many situations they can be given as gifts accompanied with product literature.

They are used in many situations. From a conference to college classroom, from a business meeting to seminar, from a product launch ceremony to an awards distribution ceremony; they can be used in various situations. Due to their universal versatility, cheap presentation folders are in huge demand. In fact, they are one of the most commonly used stationery items.

One of the reasons why they are so successful is that they can be easily customized. They can be designed to meet the specific requirements of the customers. They are also capable of being localized. This means that they can be designed to meet the specific needs of a certain market. For example, the presentation folder UK is an item available in the UK market only.

The most aspect of any printing product is, of course, its printing quality. It is the representative of the company’s marketing strategies and seriousness of business approach. That’s why many businesses take presentation folders printing quite seriously. Many techniques are utilized to churn out top class printing designs. One such technique is called the full color CMYK printing process which is used to produce incredible spectrum of colors.

One standard way to make these folders highly competitive products is to customize them. This allows companies to make changes in the designs, shapes, colors, concepts, printing paper, and the printing quality. Large businesses utilize this option to promote their folders printing products through personalized marketing strategies and advertisement campaigns.

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How To Get the Christmas Presents That You Want

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If you want high self-esteem you need to take control of your life. This includes making sure that you get the Christmas presents that you want.

Unless your communication with Santa is extraordinarily good you are most likely the ONLY person in your life who knows EXACTLY what you want for Christmas. Nobody can read you mind. You might get disappointed when Santa comes if you don’t get Christmas presents that you like. Even though your family and friends have done their best to try to make you happy, you may feel like they don’t care enough about you or know you well enough if you get presents that you don’t like. Not good for your self-esteem!

To make sure that your wish list matches what is in your stocking on Christmas Day, follow these pieces of self-esteem Christmas advice:

1. Tell your family and friends openly and clearly what you want. Don’t expect them to figure it out by themselves. You could for example write a wish list put it on the fridge in clear view of all your family members. When you communicate openly and clearly what you want to your family and friends you also tell yourself that you deserve getting what you want. You have been a good person this year and you are worthy of getting something that you like. You family and friends want to make you happy because they like you. Make it easy for them by telling them what you want!

2. Buy yourself a Christmas present. If there is something that you really want and you doubt that anyone is going to give it to you, you could simply buy it yourself. You are responsible for your own happiness. Take responsibility for your happiness this Christmas!

Liv Miyagawa -The Self-Esteem Coach

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Network Marketing Tip: How To Start Your Busines Presentation

Jun 06 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Have you ever heard the saying “it’s not how you start off that matters, it’s how you finish”?

Longevity and “staying around long enough to succeed” are quite often talked about in the multilevel marketing community and there’s no doubt that remaining persistent while you learn any given task is vital.

Nevertheless, when it comes to delivering your business opportunity, you won’t be able to beat a solid start and having the capability to correctly build rapport and set the presentation up is a critical skill for results. There’s zero worth in the ability to close strong if you lose the person you’re talking to prior to even commencing, right?

1. Expect a result because your expectations matter most: You aren’t paid to present your opportunity, you’re paid to build a distributor base and a customer base. Expect to leave every business presentation with either, or both.

2. Build rapport: Where feasible, let the prospect lead into your business presentation. Continue developing rapport and being genuinely interested by tuning in well until eventually they ask you to begin explaining what you have to offer.

3. Discover what they’re looking for (reason why): Be upfront and honest. This will certainly develop trust. Give them an “out option” to lower their walls and allow them to look at information with the purpose of assessing whether they like it, rather than feeling as if you are going to persuade them at all costs. This also relaxes you, and helps detach your feelings from the outcome. Eg:

“I have a passion for assisting people get what they want. So that I can determine whether or not what I have got is going to be of benefit to you, tell me, what is it you want?”

“Excellent. So, the goal of today is for me to explain to you what we’re doing. If you like it, then I will show you how to get started. If not, well then at least you maintained an open frame of mind”.

4. Tie it all into their ‘reasons why’ and set the expectation prior to starting presenting: “So, if I can show you a way to get (their reason why), when would you like to get started?”

If you can master, or at the very minimum develop into better than average at effectively setting up your business presentation, you’re nicely on your way to results.

Hopefully the above information can help you moving toward better network marketing business presentations.

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Gift Delivery and Presentation – Can It Be As Important As The Gift Itself?

Jun 05 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

An Italian man I worked with in the late 1990′s had explained to me how special Sundays were for him. He said his mom would cook all day so that when everyone gathered for dinner she could give her family beautiful and delicious dishes that they could enjoy. Bill said it is one of his mother’s greatest expressions of love. As time went on I learned that this is the case with many mothers from Mediterranean regions. Isn’t this touching?

I can do this with food a little bit. But when it comes to giving presents “Just Because”, for a holiday or a special occasion, the present itself and how it is presented is how I show my love.

Granted, there are many different types of love. And, for example, the love you have for a mother or father or sibling would be one type. And the respect and appreciation that you may have for a colleague is another. In both cases, though, when I give these individuals a gift, in addition to getting them something I hope they really like, I want to create a sense of excitement, anticipation and wonder for them as they are being presented the gift.

Hoping and imagining is half the fun of receiving a gift, for most of us. I think I first realized this when I was very young. On Christmas Eve when Santa was coming, I was so excited, I could hardly get to sleep. And then I’d wake up around 4 AM and tip toe into the living room and just sit and gaze with great anticipation and wonder at the beautiful sparkly Christmas tree with all of those pretty, freshly wrapped and delivered presents under it.

I remember the magic of these early experiences. I bet you do too! It is possible to capture that again, at least a little bit, by giving some special attention to your gift delivery and presentation!

One Christmas, about 15 years ago, I wanted to do something special for my best friend’s parents. They had let me keep my horse at their home that year. And because Cricket was older with a few more needs than during his younger years, people involved with his care giving often ended up being extremely generous with their time for him. Certainly, that year, no one had been more dedicated to my sweet horse than Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. And I just wanted to give them a small token of my appreciation.

I can’t remember exactly what I got for them. But I do remember that I put everything in a handsome, deep brown, rectangular box-basket. It looked like a window box that you’d put flowers in. There was a shiny gold box of Belgian Chocolate, some heavy, crisp white Irish Linen, a few imported, wonderfully fragrant soap and candles, and a small deep green English Ivy plant with long tendrils draped beautifully over the contents. And finally there was a long thick deep green velvet ribbon tied in a bow off to the side. It looked so pretty!

Well, the effect this gift had on the Johnsons was incredible! They thought it was so beautiful! They went on and on about how much they loved it. They even ended up redesigning their den around it! This is no exaggeration!

Celebrations change with each passing year. But, my desire to create a sense of excitement, anticipation and wonder for everyone receiving a gift from me is still, and always will be, there.

Going back to the title question, gift delivery and presentation – can it be as important as the gift itself? My answer would be, in most cases, nearly. It generally is a very important aspect of the gift giving experience, even though it’s so often unspoken. If you haven’t paid much attention to this in the past, try giving it a little bit. I think you will like what happens.

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Tools to Help Visualize Your Next Presentation

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We would all like our next presentation to be our best. However, when we’ve got lots and lots of data to present, we can all too easily overwhelm our audience. What’s a presenter to do? It turns out that the good folks over at IBM have come up with a way to help us out of this mess that we’ve gotten ourselves into…

Not having enough data to support our position is rarely the issue. Rather, having too much data and not enough knowledge that has been created by processing that data IS the issue. Researchers at IBM have set up an experimental web site at where you can upload data and then play around with it in order to visualize it.

Now I’m sure that everyone is well aware of the graphing capabilities of both PowerPoint and Excel. The problem is that EVERYONE is aware of these and so all too often, every presentation starts to look the same.

The scientists at IBM’s Watson Research Center (located up in Cambridge, Mass.) have created this site not so much to help presenters, but rather to help people publish and discuss graphics in a group. However, there is no reason that we can’t make use of the tools that they are providing us with and if we can get some social networking suggestions along the way, all the better.

The web site is the creation of two IBM researchers, Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viegas. What they wanted to do was to take the sophisticated data visualization tools that have been available to researchers and make them available to the masses.

Currently, the Many Eyes site provides 16 different ways to present your data. Yes, your old friends the stack graphs and bar charts are there. However there are also more interesting presentations such as diagrams that let people map relationships and TreeMaps which show information in colored rectangles.

When the site first became available, they only offered visualisation tools that would work with numbers. Quickly the site owners discovered that their users were attempting to upload books and blog posts. Based on this discovery, they went ahead and added visualization techniques that would work with unstructured text.

One of my favorite unstructured tools is the Tag cloud that you’ve probably been seeing show up on blogs (like mine). The more a word is used, the larger it appears in a tag cloud.

If you want to learn how to use this tool to process your data, Rich Hoeg has created the Northstar Nerd Tutorial: Data Visualization via IBM’s Many Eyes.

One important point to realize, the tool was really designed to allow people to share data and visualizations. Don’t upload confidential info! You can delete your information after you are done processing it; however, if it has been commented on by others this won’t make the site’s owners very happy.

Have fun coming up with different ways to look at your data and present it to your audience. However, keep in mind that once you start to look at the data in a different way, it may end up giving you answers to questions that you didn’t even know that you had.

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